val/dee/wappy || 17 (june 8th) || they/them/theirs || tired artist

hello!! my name's val and i make art sometimes...
if you're looking for my personal site, head over to wappydog. >B]


random things about the artist themself

  • my name is val, but i also go by dee or wappy!! any works lol

  • i use they/them pronouns (dog/space related neoprns OK too)!! i am non-binary and asexual too!! i use both neutral and masc terms :]c
    click here for my full list of prns + terms i accept!!

  • i am (sadly /hj) british 💔💔💔

  • autistic (diagnosed) - current special interests are splatoon, robo-dogs and chipspeech

  • heir of space(?), derse dreamer, gemga (homestuck specific stats)

  • ive been drawing since i was able to pick up a pencil (i dont know when that was, my memory's awful LOL) and somehow my silly little special interests fueled my whole thing for drawing silly little things and sometimes SCARY STUFF (thanks edgy pokemon amvs LOL) >:]

  • currently hyperfixing like mad on these two, sorry lol
    (has been since late march/early april '22)


title says it all lol

  • my content is usually 13+, however some may be 16+!!
    my 16+ content is usually my horror art, which'll be tagged accordingly!!

  • i switch between programs to draw + animate, but here are my main ones:
    animation: flipnote studio, toonsquid, flipaclip, firealpaca
    art: procreate, flipnote studio, ms paint, firealpaca,, colors! live

  • oh yeah, here's the hardware i use:
    current: ipad (9th gen), apple pencil (1st gen), hp pavilion x360, HP pen, nintendo switch OLED + colors! sonarpen, mario red dsi xl, pokeball 2ds xl
    past: hp pavilion touchsmart, yellow nintendo switch lite, pink o3ds, white dsi, samsung galaxy tab e


stuff to know if you intend to befriend me

  • i thought to address the elephant in the room first: i have severe anxiety (diagnosed) which can make it a nightmare for me to even properly function some days. most of my vents go onto my personal twitter and tumblr, so please be aware of that before interacting with me (on tumblr, you can blacklist #val being a pissbaby).
    that being said, please be patient with me if you intend to communicate with me or befriend me!! it's heavily appreciated ;__;

  • speaking of befriending, i most likely wont befriend you if you are under 16. nothing personal, its just a small boundary ive set, please respect that!!

  • even though my personal twt is private, please dont feel scared to request a follow!! its more of a comfort thing lol

  • tone indicators arent required but are heavily appreciated if used!!

  • i dont really have a dni anymore; i'll block you if i find you weird.
    supporters/friends of gl1tchygreml1n/xxcherenkov-gremlinxx, please stay a billion light years away from me. (this is why, also check the reblogs)


bolded are spinterests + underlined are hyperfixes!!


  • drawing

  • animating

  • playing video games (mainly splatoon rn)

  • making ocs

  • watching computer vids and eas scenarios for some reason


  • splatoon

  • chipspeech

  • homestuck (sorry guys)

  • pokemon

  • ace attorney

  • serial experiments lain

  • parappa the rapper

  • animal crossing

  • minecraft

  • sonic the hedgehog


  • death grips

  • sodikken

  • weird al yankovic

  • jack stauber

  • savant

  • toby fox

  • anything that was in ddr/itg/stepmaniax lol


  • sony aibo (and robo-dogs in general)

  • retro stuff (usually shit between the 70s - 90s)

  • retro vocal synths

  • neoncore/glitchcore/bright colors as a whole!!

  • rainbows

  • operating systems/computers

  • emergency alert systems (mainly the one in the usa)
    unsure if this one is a hyperfix, it comes and goes every now and then

  • furbies (especially the 1998 + 2005 ones.... <3)